Lignin Stories Storytelling
Title: A Storytelling workshop for adults: Points of Contact
Venue: Victor Pasmore Gallery, Valletta
Date (Part I): Wednesday 13 June 2018
Date (Part II): Thursday 14 June 2018
Time: 5.00pm-7.30pm
Animator: Dr Giuliana Fenech


Whenever stories are told stillness falls. We cease our restless frittering. During these times of concentrated devotion to alternative realms we may reconnect with the power of creation. Through such resting we are renewed. Renewal inspires the courage to change." - Alida Gersie

The stories we tell ourselves contain the narrative of our lives. In order to change this narrative, allowing for its protagonist to grow, we need to listen to stories that are older and and wiser than ourselves. This workshop invites participants to ask how our individual relationship to the world would be different if we had the courage to make our voice heard and craft our own story.

Working through traditional folk and fairy tales in the beautiful setting of the Victor Pasmore Gallery and drawing inspiration from his work (hence our title), participants explore what it means to say, ‘I am a storyteller!’ Engaging the body, mind, spirit and heart the workshop offers a rich platform to explore the many roads our journey can take. We are let inside the soul of modern man to get a glimpse of his ancestors and together we imagine the life of his descendants.

This workshop combines storytelling practice with public speaking and communication skills, empowering those who participate to speak more confidently. It will be held on 13-14 June 2018, 17.00-19.30 on both days, at the Victor Pasmore Gallery, Valletta.

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Points of Contact is offered through Lignin Stories, a storytelling platform for people of all ages, nations, and beliefs. Lignin Stories fosters connection, inspiration and soulful change. It is a space for paying it forward, sharing personal experiences, knowledge, and resources in order to unbind the unrealised potential in every person and every moment.

Lignin Stories celebrates gift economy, and it's the perfect season to put it into practice! If you would like to attend but cannot pay please write to us, we're eager to have you in our storytelling circle too!

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