Modern Music Days
Title: Modern Music Days: Transition
Venue: Victor Pasmore Gallery, Valletta
Date: Friday 4th May
Time: 8.00pm-10.00pm
Pianist: Ms Tricia Dawn Williams
Booking: TBA

On the 4th and 5th of May, The Victor Pasmore Gallery will host the second MMD event for 2018: TRANSITION - a multi-media piano recital by Tricia Dawn Williams.

TRANSITION is a portrait of the avant-garde piano that stretches almost one hundred years of repertoire. Each piece on the programme breaks new ground as the composer navigates through uncharted waters to depict a new profile for the instrument.

This eclectic music journey kicks off with Suspensions by Atau Tanaka. In this piece, the pianist manipulates and triggers electronic music in real time with her gestures.

The MYO band interface on her forearms captures electrical signals caused by muscle tension to create a motion capture sequence assigned to control specific music events within the score. The Voice of Lir by Henry Cowell, with its passionate tone clusters, comes across as radical and avant-garde as it did almost a century ago when it was written.

Another 20th century classic is Piano Counterpoint for piano and tape by Steve Reich. Piano Counterpoint is an arrangement of Six Pianos following the format of Steve Reich's Counterpoint series in which one live instrument plays against pre-recorded versions of the same instrument.

In Transit for piano and video by Michel Van der Aa, the movements of the pianist interact theatrically with the video projection. As the focus shifts between the video projections and the virtuoso performance of the pianist, the film footage shows us an old man trapped in his own house as he struggles with loneliness, verging on insanity.

The grand finale of the performance portrays the dazzling exploration of musical timbre in Makrokosmos by George Crumb. Throughout this work, sounds produced from the keyboard are combined with an extraordinary assortment of ‘inside-the piano’ effects - which the audience may follow and appreciate via a live camera projection.

TRANSITION by Tricia Dawn Williams is truly a unique experience that transforms the piano recital into an interdisciplinary performance featuring motion capture technology, video-art, electronic music and extended piano technique.

TRANSITION is organised with the support and collaboration of Central Bank Malta, Fondazzjoni Pattrimonju Malti and The Victor Pasmore Gallery.