Title: 20 Years Since: Abstract Artist in Their Own Words
Venue: Victor Pasmore Gallery, Valletta
Date: Tuesday 23 January 2018
Time: 6.30pm-7.30pm

On the 20th year anniversary since Pasmore’s passing, a one-hour documentary telling the story of abstract art in Britain through the words of five leading pioneers: Barbara Hepworth, Anthony Caro, Bridget Riley, Howard Hodgkin, Gillian Ayres, and of course, Victor Pasmore himself, shall be screened at the Victor Pasmore Gallery.

This documentary outlines the revolutionary mind and ideas of these acclaimed artists, offers insights into their vision, method and practices. Moreover it delves into the murky waters of the public’s reception of abstract works of art and constructions, both then and their lasting impact to this day.

First aired: 8 September 2014
Director: Ben Harding
Produced: BBC Four
Duration: 60 minutes